ISO27001 Accreditation
ISO27001 Certification
Secure Data Transfers
Secure Data Transfer
Fully GDPR Compliant
Fully GDPR Compliant
Experienced Data teams
Experienced Data Teams

We’ve got you covered

Your marketing is in safe hands. Our experienced team provide the assurance you need that every aspect of your campaign is fully secure and compliant.

Address Intelligence was built with GDPR in mind, so we don’t face the same challenges as traditional data co-operatives or list brokers. Instead of changing long-standing practices, we’ve woven compliance throughout the very fabric of our business and our proprietary database. Our ISO27001 certification ensures that security remains at the heart of everything we do, and that’s why we are trusted to securely process customer data on behalf of household name businesses.

Privacy Policy

Have a question or would like to be removed from our mailing database? Address Intelligence takes your privacy seriously. Our mission is to provide our clients with consumer insight and data to help them approach consumers in a far more intelligent and relevant way. As we collaborate closely with our clients to help them engage with only the most relevant consumers through posted direct mail, the processing and work we carry out on their behalf reduces the amount of irrelevant direct mail that consumers receive through their door.

Our aim is always to promote a positive marketplace between our clients and consumers, with minimal impact on the community and environment in which we operate. We fully appreciate our client’s services and products may not be wanted by those receiving the promotion, in which case we want to make it as easy as possible for you to communicate with us to exercise your rights as a consumer, including opting out.

Please use the link below to click straight through to our full Privacy Policy which explains in detail what data we hold, how we process the data, and your rights as a consumer. If you would like us to remove you from the Address Intelligence marketing database then let’s help you. We’ll do this by adding your details to our suppression file, which we will only use to delete your details from our marketing database.

Privacy Policy Opt Out
GDPR Certified

GDPR Compliance

Address Intelligence is registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), and employs a full time dedicated Data Protection Officer. It is their job not only to ensure that we maintain rigorous GDPR standards in everything we do, but to uphold and protect the complete privacy and rights of every individual data subject.

We ensure all processing is carried out using a GDPR specified lawful basis, and that complete due diligence is employed for every market and every campaign we undertake. We will always be pleased to explain exactly how we go about this. We do not store or use email addresses or telephone numbers for any type of marketing.

As a full member of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) we are duty-bound to abide by their Code of Conduct, a discipline we welcome as part of our process. We also subscribe to the Mail Preference Service (MPS), which means that any individual registered with them will never be contacted by Address Intelligence.

Data Protection

If you want to talk to us please call the office, or if you prefer to write in or email see full details below.

Call: +44 (0) 203 920 8615


Write Address Intelligence Technologies Limited. 6 Salem Road, London, W2 4BU

We have a dedicated team, all based in our London office to handle any consumer queries.

Other Resources

Mail Preference Service (MPS) – You can register with them at the address below. Please note you must register your name with them for this service to be effective, it is based on full name and address, not just the address:

Data and Marketing Association (DMA) – Accepted as the governing body of our industry, the DMA will always be pleased to help individuals with their questions:

Information Commissioners Office (ICO) – This is the regulatory body who oversee and control the use of data within the UK, relating directly to GDPR and the Data Protection Law 2018. Their website has comprehensive help and information regarding individuals rights: