What do we do?

With a database of 51 million UK
adults, in 28 million homes, we help you to
understand your ideal target customer and
reach them in a unique, innovative way.

Database intelligence.
We help you profile your existing
customers to gain invaluable insight to
target new prospects
Area intelligence.
Using our exceptional data, we work closely
with you to interrogate your nominated
geographic area, locally or nationally
Distribution intelligence.
Years of experience in media, design,
print and mailing provide you a genuine
end-to-end service

Database Intelligence.

Our mission is to maximise the return on investment [ROI] on your marketing budget. By analysing your existing clients, we can produce a distinct customer profile, bespoke to your business or service. This will help us build your ideal prospect list.

The criteria we provide for demographics and property are accurate and comprehensive, gathered from multiple live data sources, and refined over years of development.

Area Intelligence.

Every search we carry out on behalf of our clients uncovers a wealth of marketing potential. Highlight your target area, and together we will drill down to find potential customers and ensure your campaign is directed to maximum benefit. By eliminating consumers outside of your remit, and concentrating on only your core market, we can save you considerable expenditure on marketing collateral.

Distribution Intelligence.

We successfully deliver millions of direct mail items on behalf of our clients.

Once we have established your bespoke target market we will work with you on ideas and concepts for your marketing campaign.

Our expert team will help you develop the right call to action, response mechanism and personalisation to ensure maximum measurable ROI. By offering data, design, print and mailing services under one roof, we simplify the logistics of campaign planning.

Client Brief

Whether you have a clear marketing brief and objective, or are looking for direction to develop a plan to engage with a carefully crafted prospect list, Address Intelligence has a team of advisors to help you every step of the way.

We work with you to understand your product or service, and your market – and develop a brief and clear path to meet your marketing objectives, ensuring we utilise Address Intelligence to deliver maximum ROI.

Data Analysis

A clear profile of your existing customers is one of the best methods to define what your ideal prospects look like. We analyse your current customer database to provide that profile. Your customers are unique to your product, service and market. Using the Address Intelligence system, we highlight demographic and geographic data in great detail, providing you with unique insight which is bespoke to your business.

Our data is live and exceptionally accurate, giving you complete confidence in the target profile that we provide to your business.

Campaign Creation

Having established your specific target market and area, we will search Address Intelligence to build your bespoke mailing list of prospects. Every search we carry out is customised to your business needs.

Whether your campaign is specific to a city, postal area, or nationwide, you can be confident that the records we provide will offer you the best opportunity to engage with potential customers and widen your business reach.

Ensuring the right message reaches the correct market is critical. We have many years of experience in helping our clients design and produce highly successful direct mail campaigns. We provide help and advice every step of the way.


You have the target market. You have the design. Address Intelligence will ensure a high quality printed product and the very best mailing and fulfilment solution to ensure your campaign is on time and on budget. We will help you establish the optimum printing method and business postal options.

Through many years' experience we have developed a first-rate roster of print and mailing solutions, guaranteeing that your direct mail campaign will deliver your business message, exactly where you want it, when you want it.

Reporting & ROI

Once your campaign has reached its target, measuring the response is crucial. Address Intelligence will help with this element of campaign management. With a great call to action as part of your design, ensuring that phone calls and website visits are carefully monitored, will help you shape your future marketing activity.

Address Intelligence is unique
Why are we different?

Address Intelligence is populated with live data. Continuously updated and refined, our data is always accurate and up to date.

We do not sell data lists. We maintain complete integrity in every search we provide, ensuring it is bespoke to each client, up to the minute and highly accurate.

We never model data or generalise customer profiles. Instead of basing our data on small samples, we source from multiple UK-wide and global data providers and cross-check for accuracy.

The data we hold on UK residential property is comprehensive and second to none. Applying precise knowledge of the property to demographic data on the individual provides custom-built target prospect lists.

Collaboration is key. Working with you to shape your marketing campaign will make the difference between a good ROI and a potentially outstanding ROI.


Stage 1

Necessity is the mother of invention. A market leading luxury lifestyle publisher was seeking the best possible target and distribution service available to improve and refine circulation of its high quality magazines. Unwilling to settle for what was available the founders set about building the best solution in-house and Address Intelligence was born.

Stage 2

Analysis of all properties in London lead to the population of Address Intelligence with unrivalled property data, providing accurate coverage of criteria such as value, number of bedrooms, type of property, tenure, amongst others. Address Intelligence developed in-house sophisticated coding and algorithms, combined with market data to create the foundation on which the current system is based.

Stage 3

New and existing estate agent clients recognised the powerful marketing opportunity of Address Intelligence. The system was developed into a commercial platform and adopted by agents such as Knight Frank, John D Wood, and Marsh & Parsons.

Stage 4

Address Intelligence extended coverage to all of England, Scotland and Wales, providing the most comprehensive and accurate data of properties for our clients. Development of the demographic profiles of residents for all properties advanced progress, as Address Intelligence attracted the attention of new markets, such as health, travel, grey market and retail.

Stage 5

Comprehensive demographic analysis, combined with the detailed and full property data now provides clients across numerous markets the opportunity to profile their clients, and work with Address Intelligence to build their own, bespoke prospect target lists throughout the UK. Superb ROI against traditional direct mail, press and below- the-line activity ensures Address Intelligence is fast becoming a fundamental part of many clients future marketing plans.

The Future >>>

Address Intelligence is founded, and has developed, on data and intelligence built from scratch. The same ethos and aspiration for excellence drives us to improve, refine and extend what the system can offer you, as clients, in the future. As we continue to acquire more invaluable and substantive data, we strive towards excellence in applying this with care, craft and intelligence. We endeavour to provide our clients with new, improved and exciting opportunities to market to their own customers and prospects alike with carefully considered and measured targeting – ensuring we minimise misdirected budget and maximise return on investment.

Interested in Address Intelligence?

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